Leadership Lesson

When I first started my career in Radio Sales, the manager that hired me was dismissed a few weeks after I stared and the new manager and I didn’t see eye to eye on things. You see the previous manager and I had some the new manager wouldn’t allow. I guess being that he was new and a long time radio person himself his ideals were what I considered old school so I went about treating him as though he and his business practices were insignificant. At every turn he was hard on me about things regardless of how my sales contributions.

A good salesman needs a sales manager that is:

  •  On their side
  • Has their back
  • Is encouraging
  • Pro actively helpful

Well, a few months after a big blow up between he and I had I began to read a book on authority. It didn’t take me long to realize I needed an adjustment especially if I was to have favor with God at work. As soon as I got this message in my heart I went to my manager and repented for not appreciating him and respecting his authority.  An amazing thing happened, he immediately forgave me and from that day forward I never had another problem with him. He actually was pleasant to work for and with from that point on.

A few days after I left to pursue other opportunities I learned this manager had suffered a major heart attack and a few weeks later passed away. It was at that moment I was so very thankful God changed my heart and I was able to make peace with him before this tragedy happened.

A good sales manager needs a sales staff that is:

  • On their side
  • Has their back
  • Is encouraging
  • Pro actively helpful

I also learned that these qualities go both ways!

Leadership Lesson…


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